Expertise and Services

Dungen Legal particularly operates within the areas of Dutch corporate law and contract law.
The services she supplies in daily practice consist mostly of the following activities:

– providing advice to the (board of) directors of companies and other organisations about both internal legal relationships and legal relationships with outside parties, such as suppliers, customers, financing parties or competitors;

– realising agreements between companies or other organisations, by acting on their behalf during negotiations or by drafting sale-and-purchase agreements, distribution agreements, license agreements, general conditions, deeds of pledge, guarantees, non-disclosure agreements or settlement agreements;

– acting on behalf of companies or other organisations in cases where a dispute arises or may arise;
and if necessary; to litigate in those cases in the regarding Dutch courts or to take other needed legal measures;

– realising agreements between shareholders, for example by drafting or adapting shareholders agreements or by acting as chairman at shareholders meetings.